Green Power Easy Review

If you’re read my reviews on the top 5 guides to solar and wind power, then you already know I have rated Green Power Easy as the number 1 guide.  I’ve got a little video that you might be interested in because it shows you exactly what you are going to get with Green Power Easy.  It also discusses how exactly it will outclass the competitor guides that are available on the market today.

Seriously, it’s all about the information and learning guides.  Green Power Easy does a great job at teaching you how to build wind turbines, how to build solar panels, AND they throw in an amazing supplementary guide that will teach you how to convert your entire home!  Green Power Easy really makes it simple especially with all the solar panel videos they include.  They are clearly number 1 for both the value and the content they provide.  You really don’t need to take my word for it.  Just watch the video here and see why Green Power Easy is on top.

Green Power Easy Includes:

  1. The Easy DIY Guide to Solar and Wind Power (eBook) - The most complete guide to solar and wind power that we could find.
  2. Green Power Easy Implementation Guide – A shorter guide that walks you step-by-step through calculating your power requirements and teaches you how to convert your entire home to renewable energy.
  3. Green Power Easy Parts Guide – Teaches you where to get the parts you need at a cost that anyone can afford.
  4. Green Power Easy Rebates Guide – Learn how to get tax rebates for your solar panel or wind turbine installations.
  5. Green Power Easy TV – Solar Panel Videos (for a limited time) – For a limited time Peter and Jennifer are including the 1 hour video series that covers building a complete solar panel. With this series included, there is no question that this is the top guide on the market.
  6. NEW – Vertical Axis  Wind Turbine Guide – Get 3 separate blade designs to build you own Vertical Axis wind turbine from scratch! No other guide includes this information!

What I like most about the Green Power Easy guides is the quality content.  But, the price is also great!  I mean, for the unbelievable amount of content that you will get when you buy the guides, the price is unbeatable.

If you’ve been looking to build a solar panel or a wind turbine (or even to convert your entire home), this is the guide I recommend.

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