Power4Home Review

In this Power4Home review I will be looking at this system that teaches how to combine the power of wind and solar energy so that people can become completely independent from the utility companies.

John Russel, the creator of Power4Home is a qualified electrician who became fed up with the utility companies and the high price it was costing him to be 100% reliant on them for his power needs. Using his electrical knowledge, he decided to start building and creating his own solar panels and wind generators to save on his electrical bills. John was able to build a natural energy system for next to nothing and save a fortune on bills at the same time. Soon after he started teaching other people how to do the same thing and that is how Power4Home was born.

John’s training program is a combination of both guidebooks and video demonstrations. He walks you step by step through an easy to apply system to build and install both solar panels and wind generators  that will power your home in a very cost effective and energy efficient way. The real power of this program is  the combination of both wind and solar energy to generate as much energy as possible. There are many solar energy guides on the market, that include an add-on guide for wind energy but they don’t go into as much detail about how to build these types of generators as does this program.

Learning about how to purchase the right batteries for your system as well as how to install them are extremely important for getting the most out of your solar and wind energy system, but so many guides skimp on details. In fact John reveals where you can pick up high quality batteries for free. Since batteries can cost over $600, this knowledge is absolutely invaluable.

If you’re thinking the Power4Home program may be for electrical geniuses or handymen (or women), you are wrong. This whole system was created with the total beginner in mind, in fact John originally tested the system out on 25 complete “newbies” to see if they could follow his instructions and build their own panels and wind generators. According to John, all 25 of them were successful.

Power4Home Features:

Expert Teaching – John is a fantastic teacher, he covers everything from A to Z in a no-nonsense, step by step manner, which makes learning an absolute breeze. The guides are great and the video lessons which amount to over three hours set the perfect environment to learn quickly and easily.

Earn Money By Selling Energy – John also describes in detail how to earn money when you make an excess amount of energy by selling it back to the energy companies. If you were confused how this worked, this part of the guide is a must read.

Create A Side Business – Solar power is booming industry, with many people looking at installing solar panels but being turned away by the huge costs involved. You can step in an offer your services. After you have built and installed a few panels you will have enough education and real world knowledge to start selling solar panels that you have built and your installation services. This can be a very profitable thing to do in your spare time.

I hope you have found this Power4Home review valuable and you understand the power that this program packs in teaching you how to get up and running in creating both solar and wind energy fast. If you are after a clear, precise, and to the point program, Power4Home is a perfect choice.

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